“Anyone would be lucky to have DJ B-Mack at their wedding.  Immediately after we met him we knew we had made the right choice.  He was so personable and we felt complete confidence in him right away.  He worked with us to get all of our must plays in even when we were a little disorganized and last minute with a few.  What makes Brian stand out amongst the others is his dedication to making your wedding perfect. It was all of the little in-between songs that he played, each song was specific to each moment adding a little laughter and enjoyment for those that noticed it happening, thank you for that Brian I totally noticed and so enjoyed the process; you were brilliant.  He got our crowd going, laughing and pumped up, and no one left the dance floor all night.  He even took requests so that some of our oldest friends could dedicate songs to us that brought us back to some of the best moments in our life.  We are salsa dancers but did not give him any must play salsa songs so it was amazing to hear him throw in a few just for us, what a welcome surprise. 

Brian you nailed it! You came through with our likes and our personalities, which was totally apparent in the amazing variety of music you played.  Everyone at the wedding wanted me to pass along their compliments as well so this thank you is not just from Raf and myself but from our whole guest list, LOL.  Thank you for sharing in our day and giving us the energy and fun to keep our guests happy till the last song played, no one wanted to go home!”